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Global WARning – haven’t we had enough yet?

We are very supportive of Ernst Gossner’s soon to be released documentary « Global WARning ».
As the ice is melting in Tyrol (Austria), reminiscence of WORLD WAR I surfaces, raising the questions of why we keep fighting and killing each other. By studying what happened back in history, we should be able to avoid doing the same mistakes, and prevent it happens again.

Global WARning. A documentary about WWI in the mountains of tyrol and why the world is still burning.
A documentary about WWI in the mountains of Tyrol
and why the world is still burning.


Global WARning has just been announced in competition at the International Film Festival Innsbruck. A large print is available for viewing/purchase at Astrid Chevallier’s current poster exhibition « AFFICHES » in Los Angeles (see previous post).