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We are an independent graphic design studio. We have extensive experience in poster design and we always aim for excellence and constructive collaboration.

Whether you are an established distributor, an independent production company, or an emerging filmmaker, WE CAN HELP YOU REACH YOUR TARGETED AUDIENCE by creating that one impactful image that will both position your movie within its market and project the essence of your story.

Highly professional and dedicated, we create within your time frame and your type of budget. Let us know about your project and we'll send you our current price list to help you determine which package would best suit your needs.

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Conceived over the summer, here is our poster for JIM.
In this apocalypto-futuristic movie, « Jim secures the services of a large biotech firm to help him create an heir who will be engineered to overcome the obstacles of common men »…and the options are yours to choose from!
Enjoy « The Birth of a New World Order ».

JIM, The Birth of a New World Order.
JIM, The Birth of a New World Order.

Read more about « JIM » on imdb

A True Story

Here’s our poster for one of the best independent movies we’ve seen recently. Keep an eye on these talented people, they have such a positive and efficient mind-set, it’s a privilege to work with them!

A True Story Based on Things that Never actually Happened… and Some that Did.

Read more about « A True Story » on imdb

Hollywood Reporter’s Key Art Awards

We are proud to have our work featured in the 2010 Hollywood Reporter’s Key Art Awards catalog at page 41, along with some of our peers from Vox & Associates, Ignition, Art Machine, Cold Open, Iconisus, Concept Art, BPG, POV and Arsonal.

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Movie Poster Celebration, downtown Los Angeles

Astrid Chevallier, Purple Red’s Creative Director at the 39th Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards.

Astrid Chevallier, Purple Red's Creative Director at the 39th Hollywood Reporter Key Art Awards

Offspring – Autopsy of a poster

To celebrate our first submission to the annual Hollywood Reporter Key-Art Awards, we would like to give you a insider’s look at how that piece got created.
Click HERE to access the making-of of our poster for the movie « Offspring ».


Expanding the Universe of Character

Here’s the ad that we created for GK-tv, the new TV department at GK films. Introducing their concept of developing character driven stories, it’s been published during MIPTV in Cannes.


Award-winning Movie Poster Design!

We are very proud and happy to announce that our featured movie poster « I’m Not There », designed by our creative director Astrid Chevallier, has just won an Award!


I'm Not There - Movie Poster

I'm Not There - Movie Poster

Congratulations Martin Scorsese!

Congratulations Ad for GK films, introducing some concrete texture coming through the greenish light. The Ad is to be published in Variety, and although still quite clean and simple, it aims to display a certain richness and sophistication.


Congratulations Ad - Full Page Variety

Dahmer vs. Gacy, bloody bloody Hollywood!

We were at the premiere  – Red Carpet and all that Jazz – of « Dahmer vs. Gacy » by director / producer Ford Austin that took place at Sunset 5, and seriously the crowd was just as interesting as the movie is bloody. Here’s the poster we designed for the combat and the fans…

Dahmer vs. Gacy

Dahmer vs. Gacy

Featured in « This Week in Movie Posters »

« This Week in Movie Posters » has picked our poster « Love Songs of a 3rd Grade Teacher » for their column, and labeled it as one of the Curiosity.

Love Songs of a 3rd Grade Teacher

Love Songs of a 3rd Grade Teacher