1 - Advertising for the Entertainment Business

2 - Key art for Film

3 - Key art for TV

4 - Retouching Hollywood

5 - Logo Design

  • Easy Movie Poster logo

    Easy Movie Poster

    Logo for the revolutionary “ready-to-customize” set of Movie Poster templates, based in Los Angeles California.

  • GK-tv logo


    Logo for the TV department of GK-films, Graham King’s scar winning film production company, based in Los Angeles, California.

  • Da Vinci Media Ventures

    Da Vinci Media Ventures

    Logo for the independent film investment group based in New York.

  • The Kompany logo

    The Kompany

    Logo for the Scandinavian film production company based in Hollywood, California.

  • Maxine Leonard PR logo

    Maxine Leonard Marketing and Publicity

    Logo for the PR agency specialized in filmed entertainment publicity and marketing, based in Los Angeles.

  • Fuild Film logo

    Fluid Film

    Logo for the Los Angeles based Film Production company.

  • Aquafina logo


    Logo for the Aquafina / FlavorSplash campaign “Water. Camera. Action.”

  • We've Got It logo

    We’ve got it

    Logo for the Disney channel’s educational program.

  • Le Studio logo

    Le Studio

    Logo for the French theater company Le Studio.

  • La Tempête logo

    La Tempête

    Logo for “La Tempête” (The Tempest by Shakespeare) for the French theater company Casalibus.

  • Le Bouillon logo

    Le Bouillon

    Logo for “Le Bouillon” a French contemporary theater company based in Paris.

  • Actionnaires de la Société Générale logo

    Actionnaires de la Société Générale

    Logo for the Shareholders of Société Générale S.A. (SocGen), a French multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Paris.

  • Ground Floor Café logo

    Ground Floor Café

    Logo for the Ground Floor Café and Art Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

  • Mission Chant Choral logo

    Mission Chant Choral

    Logo for the promotion of Choir Music in the French department of Seine-Saint-Denis and the city of Aubervilliers.

  • Epiceas logo


    Logo for the “social convenience store” of the French city Aubervilliers, which provides help for food, administration services and education to those in need.

  • Clicami logo


    Logo for the French company that aims to give access to computers and technology to the senior segment of the population.

6 - Web Design & User Interface

  • Certifiably Jonathan web design

    Certifiably Jonathan – movie Website Design

    Along with creating the Key-art / Poster for  the epic comedy “Certifiably Jonathan“, Purple Red was asked to design the collateral website. which had to display a player, have a call for action and be just as playful…

  • Biomatrica: the Biostability Company

    Biomatrica – corporate Website design and re-branding

    Upon launching new products, Biomatrica – a fast growing biotech company based in San Diego, California – was in need of a complete re-design of their current website homepage…

  • To Catch a Dollar - webdesign

    To Catch a Dollar – movie Website design

    Along with creating the Key art / Poster for the US release of “To Catch A Dollar“ - an inspiring documentary by Gayle Ferraro that follows Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Yunus as he brings his unique…

  • Organic Food Awareness

    Organic Food Awareness – non-profit Website design

    If indeed we are what we eat, maybe we could benefit from knowing more what food we ingest. Purple Red has been asked to design elegant and modern webpages that would have an educative purpose…

  • Alexandra Pastorino

    Alexandra Pastorino – artist Website design

    Los Angeles based French painter Alexandra Pastorino envisionned her website to showcase both her Fine Art work and her Decorative Art work. Purple Red’s assignment was to create a design that would display her work…

  • Death by China

    Death by China – movie Website design + Facebook & YouTube

    Along with creating the Key-art / Poster for  the controversial documentary “Death by China“, Purple Red was asked to design the collateral website, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel…all key marketing elements when it comes to…

  • Incite Sustainability

    Incite Sustainability – corporate Website design

    A corporate website called “Incite Sustainability”, for a consulting firm that “helps organizations become more sustainable by assisting businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and communities in crafting their sustainability strategies and transforming these into action“….

  • Keb' Mo'

    Keb’ Mo’ – artist Website design

    Musician’s Keb’ Mo’ website design, that would be a platform for the artist’s latest news and key information. The front page features: – a full frame photo slider, – a player with a track selection,…

  • Maxine Leonard

    Maxine Leonard / Marketing and Publicity – Website design

    Along with creating the logo and business cards of Maxine Leonard’s Marketing and Publicity Firm, Purple Red was asked to design the website which needed to be simple, elegant, and would not disclaim any confidential client information….

  • Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict

    Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict – novel Website design

    A sophisticated looking website aiming to provide an extended interactive experience to the reader of the novel “Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict”. The brief required to use the existing book cover as starting point…

  • Bérénice Colomb-Yéghikian

    Bérénice Colomb-Yéghikian – athlete Website design

    An elegant and minimalist website for competition rider and horse trainer Bérénice Colomb-Yéghikian, featuring: – roll-over photo gallery, – biography, – competition and clinic list, – media list (with links to YouTube channel and articles) -…

  • Celine Diano

    Céline Diano – production designer Website design

    A visually rich website for production designer and art director Céline Diano, with a lot of negative space for an optimum portfolio presentation on any platform. The full menu is accessible right from the front…

  • Paul Jean Salon

    Paul Jean Salon Beverly Hills – salon Website design

    A one page website for Beverly Hills hair stylist Paul Jean, with a horizontal scroll that displays key information: – contact information and hours, – Paul Jean’s biography, – Q & A with Paul Jean,…

  • The Kompany Entertainment

    The Kompany Entertainment – corporate Website design

    A film-noir-inspired corporate website for international Feature Film, Music Video and Commercial Production company “The Kompany”. One of the challenges was to showcase a start-up production company, which had only a few portfolio items to…

  • Aubervilliers

    Aubervilliers – city Website design

    An evolutive website for the French city of Aubervilliers. The challenge was to display an impressive quantity of information in a clear way, yet optimize space on the screen and make sure the site could…

  • Page International Screenwriting Awards

    Page International Screenwriting Awards – corporate Website design

    An Award-winning script looking website for the Page International Screenwriting Awards. The main challenge was to make a text oriented website more visually attractive, on a very tight budget. The solution was to design a…

  • Thomas Rigler

    Thomas Rigler / Film / Television / New Media – Website design

    A minimalist website for Film / TV / New Media Thomas Rigler’s firm. Lots of negative space allow the viewer to focus on the content, may it be text or clips. The original upper menu displays…

  • Santino Music

    Santino – artist Website design

    The official website for musician and producer Santino, which aims to promote the records and the shows, to consolidate his fan base, and to provide marketing information. Part of the challenge was to create a bilingual…

  • Allégria

    Allegria – corporate Website design

    A corporate website design to introduce French company Allégria’s services entitled “L’art de Vivre & le Vin”  (“The Art of Living & the Art of Wine”). The brief required to work with the elements and…

  • The Last Full Measure

    The Last Full Measure – movie Website design

    A fundraising website for the Award-winning short film “The Last Full Measure“. Shot as a thesis film for the American Film Institute, it required creating awareness and gathering private funding. The website would help reach that…

  • Cuco Gomez-Gomez is dead!

    Cuco Gomez-Gomez Is Dead! – movie Website design

    A one page website that provides all the marketing and promotional information for the Award-winning short film “Cuco Gomez-Gomez Is Dead!“: – Official poster – Full credit – Official Festival selection – Awards – Sysnopsis…

7 - Posters for Theater

  • KingOfTheDesert_AstridChevallier

    The King of the Desert

    Poster for the theater play “The King of the Desert”, that interlaces elements of the main character Mexican heritage with symbols of Broadway and his New York City life. The plot: “The King of the…

  • FoliesAmoureuses_AstridChevallier

    Compagnie des Folies – Les Folies amoureuses

    Poster for the theater play “les Folies amoureuses” by Jean-François Regnard. A classic comedy about love and oddities, in the vein of Molière’s work, à l’affiche in Paris, France, in a very modern spirit. Press review…

  • NeveuRameau_AstridChevallier

    Le Ranelagh – Le Neveu de Rameau de Diderot

    Poster for the theater play “Le Neveu de Rameau” by Diderot at Theatre Le Ranelagh, Paris. “Rameau’s Nephew” is an imaginary philosophical conversation by Denis Diderot which was published in 1763. The plot: The recounted story takes…

  • Casalibus_Tempete_AstridChevallier

    Cie Casalibus – La Tempête de Shakespeare

    Poster for the theater play “The Tempest” by Shakespeare, for Compagnie Casalibus. Using elements from the play, the poster features a folded paper boat (as the ship and/or the crown) a frog (as the captain…

  • Casalibus_BeaucoupDeBruit2_AstridChevallier

    Cie Casalibus – Beaucoup de Bruit pour Rien de Shakespeare

    Poster for the theater play “Much ado about nothing” by Shakespeare, for Compagnie Casalibus. This unique modern adaptation of the play, directed by Vincianne Regattieri, brings a new energy to the text by mixing comedy,…

  • Studio_Cabaret_AstridChevallier

    Le Studio – Cabaret

    Poster for a live cabaret show by Le Studio.

  • Studio_Offenbach_AstridChevallier

    Le Studio – Offenbach

    Poster for the theater plays “M. Choufleuri restera chez lui le…” and “Mesdames de la Halle” by Jacques Offenbach… An evening of Love, weddings, and lots of vegetables! “M. Choufleuri restera chez lui le…” – (31…

  • Studio_Phiphi_AstridChevallier

    Le Studio – Phi-phi

    Poster for the theater play “Phi-phi” by Henri Christiné and Albert Willemetz. “Phi-phi” is an opérette légère in three acts with music by Henri Christiné and a French libretto by Albert Willemetz and Fabien Solar….

  • Studio_Bajazet_AstridChevallier

    Le Studio – Bajazet de Racine

    Poster for the theater play “Bajazet” by Racine. “Bajazet” is a tragedy by Jean Racine in five acts (composed of 4, 5, 8, 7, and 12 scenes, respectively), in Alexandrian verse, first played at the…

  • Studio_MariageForce_AstridChevallier

    Le Studio – Molière

    Poster for the theater plays “Le Mariage forçé” and “L’Amour médecin” by Molière… An evening of Love, weddings, and scary doctors! “Le Mariage forçé” - (January 29, 1664) — “The Forced Marriage” “Le Mariage forçé” was…

  • Studio_Cormatin98_AstridChevallier

    Le Studio – Cormatin

    Poster for “Les Rendez-vous de Cormatin” a Theater Festival in Avignon by the company Le Studio.

  • Studio_Ingenu_AstridChevallier

    Le Studio – L’Ingénu de Voltaire

    Poster for the theater play “L’Ingénu” by Voltaire “L’Ingénu is a satirical novella by the French writer Voltaire, published in 1767. It tells the story of a Huron called “Child of Nature” who, after having crossed…

  • Studio_4posters_AstridChevallier

    Le Studio – 4 posters

    Posters for the theater company Le Studio: – “Barouf à Chioggia” by Goldoni. – “Les Rendez-vous de Cormatin” Theater Festival in Avignon. – “Saison 98-99” Poster and Brochure cover for the Season. – “Saison 99-2000“ Poster…

8 - Magazine, Typography, and Layout

  • AstridChevallier_Mosaique8_Bourgogne_00

    Mosaique 8 “Bourgogne”

    Design, Art Direction and Production of Mosaïque, the magazine of the Alliance Française of Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • AstridChevallier_Mosaique7_Quebec_00

    Mosaique 7 Quebec

    Design, Art Direction and Production of Mosaïque, the magazine of the Alliance Française of Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • AstridChevallier_Mosaique6_Strasbourg_01

    Mosaique 6 “Strasbourg”

    Design, Art Direction and Production of Mosaïque, the magazine of the Alliance Française of Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • AstridChevallier_Mosaique5_Polynesie_00

    Mosaique 5 “Polynésie”

    Design, Art Direction and Production of Mosaïque, the magazine of the Alliance Française of Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • Mise en page 1

    Mosaique 4 “Lyon”

    Design, Art Direction and Production of Mosaïque, the magazine of the Alliance Française of Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • AstridChevallier_Mosaique3_Paris_00

    Mosaique 3 “Paris”

    Design, Art Direction and Production of Mosaïque, the magazine of the Alliance Française of Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • Astrid-Chevallier_RemyCointreau_AnnualReport_00

    Rémy Cointreau – Annual Report

    Rémy Cointreau annual report, featuring a corporate section and the company’s yearly report to shareholders, documenting its activities and finances in the previous financial year.

  • AstridChevallier_ThroughTheseVeins_0

    “Through these Veins” Anne-Marie Ruff / Open Press Book

    Layout design and production for publisher Open Press Book and Anne-Marie Ruff’s novel ”Through these Veins“.

  • Astrid-Chevallier_Lancome_Baccarat_00

    Lancome / Baccarat

    Brochure for a Lancôme corporate event revolving around wine degustation and Baccarat’s crystal collections.

  • AstridChevallier_Allegria_Brochure_00


    Three fold brochure for Allegria, a French event agency based in Paris, that offers corporate events based on wine tasting and l’Art de Vivre.